Printing of Advertising Material

A versatile and creative solution to elevate your brand’s identity on a wide range of garments and objects, combining the potential of high-quality printing with the craftsmanship of embroidery.

Main features:

  • Diversity of Options: We offer both printing and embroidery on clothing and gifts, allowing you to choose the approach that best suits your branding needs.
  • Versatility of Materials: We are able to work on high quality fabrics, clothing, accessories and various objects, guaranteeing exceptional results in every detail.
  • Fine Details: Whether you choose print or embroidery, each garment will have a superior quality finish, with fine detail and vibrant colors.

Customization process:

  • Selection of Garments: Choose the garments or objects you wish to personalize by offering them or browsing our catalogues.
  • Custom Design: Provide your own distinctive design, logo or image, which will be transformed into a custom work of art.
  • Printing and Embroidery Technologies: We use advanced technologies for both printing and embroidery, ensuring high quality results.
  • Customized Garments: Receive unique garments and objects, ready to represent your brand with pride on every occasion.

Creation of Custom Promotional Products

Explore the range of possibilities offered by our Custom Promotional Product Creation service, designed to help businesses make a lasting impression on their customers and business partners. Thanks to our vast selection of high-quality promotional products, you will be able to communicate your corporate message in a distinctive and elegant way.

Main features:

  • Versatile Choice: We offer a wide range of promotional products, from classics such as pens and notepads to the most innovative items, capable of satisfying every type of promotional strategy.
  • Effective Customization: Apply your logo, message or company design to each product, turning them into true marketing tools.
  • Quality of Excellence: Each product is carefully selected to ensure quality and durability, reflecting the professional image of your brand.

Custom DTF Clothing

Using the Direct-to-Fabric (DTF) technique, we transform high-quality fabrics into customized garments that reflect the high standard of your brand.

Main features:

  • Superior Customization: Our custom apparel is crafted with careful craftsmanship, ensuring superior results in every detail.
  • Flawless image: The DTF technique guarantees sharp details and intense colors, keeping your brand image unchanged over time.
  • Design Versatility: From corporate shirts to casual pieces, we offer a wide range of styles and options to meet different business needs.

UV printing on Objects

With UV printing, the art and personalization are limitless. You can transform objects like mugs, smartphone covers, key rings and more into true specimens of individual expression. The details of your designs, logos or images come to life on different surfaces, leaving a lasting impression.

Innovative UV technology ensures flawless color adherence and sharp definition, making every detail a focal point. Whether you want to promote your brand through personalized objects, give a unique gift or simply add a touch of originality to your daily routine, UV printing on objects is the ideal solution.

How does it work:

  • Object selection: Choose the object you want to customize, from small to large, from the classic to the most unusual shape.
  • Design: Send us your favorite designs, logos or images to transform the object into a tangible expression of your creativity.
  • Precision Printing: We use UV technology to precisely apply colors and details to the surface of the object, ensuring a flawless result.



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